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Artist statement

From sculpting to welding to mixed media designs, I create abstract, decorative and conceptual artwork that is mostly influenced by my spirituality and the world around me. My art expresses happiness, sadness, hope and overcoming adversities, taking viewers on a unique journey of the human condition, with deep emphasis on putting pieces back together of our fragmented lives.

The ideas for my artwork come from my endless thoughts, things I see and read, and the unique people I meet daily.  I create using an array of mediums, including glass, plaster, resin, wood, metals, paints, clay and many other materials. Much of my art symbolizes freedom. A self-taught artist, I love casting molds, rusting and repurposing metals. I find depth and purpose when arranging fragments of glass and tile into a visually arresting mosaic art piece, thus creating beauty and order out of chaos and madness. When I work with broken mirrors, I am reminded of how one’s hardships can be recreated into something more beautiful as a result of being broken.  Finally, I revel in large installations that allow my viewers to move and interact in 2 and 3-Dimensional spaces of speculation, imagination and human experiences.

I begin a piece with a strong concept. But, ultimately I find myself swept away in the uncharted territories of art. This usually leads me to a new experience or obstacle that I’ve learned to overcome. My art is unique because I am not afraid to take risks or try new things. My art lets me know when it’s complete. When a piece is finished, I am sometimes filled with fear of how it will be perceived.  Yet, my greatest gratification comes when someone tells me that my art has moved, motivated or helped them.

I find great inspiration in humanist concerns. My current work, “The Scales of Injustice” focuses on the torture and pain experienced by Africans during slavery. In this series, I am using cotton, coffee, rice, sugar and indigo to highlight how these products we use and consume today were the biggest commodities and were fueled by America’s dependency on slave labor. Ultimately, I want to make a difference through my art and I hope to share it with the world, enlighten and give hope to others. 

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Visual Artist and Owner  

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Doris D. Mccullough is a visual artist,  owner and CEO of Phree Spirit Abstracts and It’s A Candle.  Specializing in mixed media installations,  Doris' artwork has shown at several  art venues and galleries in the U.S., including "The Free Wall", a media installation which is permanently on display at the Myers House in Albany New York.  Doris is also a expert candlemaker with more than a decade of experience in  crafts, chemistry, cooking and aromatherapy.